That's it, I Quit

Hello everyone! Long time no talk. I decided to do a cover today, so here it is!

This is "That's it, I Quit, I'm Movin' On" by Adele
PS. This is sung to a Karaoke track. Sadly, I didn't have time to learn the song.

Stirring Up Deep Wells

After Awakened(my youth group)'s band practice today, my friends Juan and Taylor had their usual jam session while everyone else went to get dinner But I stayed back and joined them. I got a little bit of it on tape. Lets just say I'm obsessed with this song now.

Youth always starts out with a game and today it was to see who could get the most people to sign there feet. This is a picture of my friend Nikki(Left) and I's feet. I won with 21 signatures on my feet. The runner up had 20. Whoever signed the bottom of my are awesome and thanks.

They Underestimate You

Olivia Wilde in Cowboys and Aliens

This picture from Cowboys and Aliens was a little bit of inspiration for a photo shoot. The movie was great, the acting was great, and Olivia Wilde's character was GREAT! It was all very original which was refreshing.

Anyways, check out that hat. Can you say amazing? Yeah putting that on my wish list A.S.A.P.

I'll be trying to get up a real post soon. Pinky promise<3

July Faves

The Civil Wars

Polyvore, and my Hippie fashion creation inspired by listening to The Beatles.

Found this picture on Pinterest. Too cute.

13 Going On 30...a classic watched it last night :)

Nicholas Sparks books. Lets just say I'm obsessed. (My favorite above)

Wish List

Having a career as a musician.
And a photo shoot with that great of results.
(Found this picture online)

This Urban Outfitters Mustache Clock.
...and enough money to actually be able to afford things from Urban Outfitters

Antique room decor(absolutely love the dresser and tree decal)

An all black Great Dane

1964 Volkswagen Beetle Classic

...Yes I know these things aren't exactly things you could get someone for their birthday, but they are all things that sometime in my life I want. So wish me luck on achieving getting these things eventually! Whats on your wish list?


Hey guys!

So I just realized that this is my 100th post! How exciting! Anywho, today after doing chores and working on my summer class I had some fun with my new hair. I have been wanting to fauxhawk it really bad and I figured "hey, why not?".

Make up tutorial here

You can't really tell from this wonderful quality photo(thanks a lot blackberry) but my make up turned out almost exactly like the girl in the tutorial. Minus the crazy green stripe under the eye and white dots. When I walked into my livingroom to show my cousins my new look one of them immediately said "You look like La Roux!". La Roux, if you don't already know, is the singer of the song Bullet Proof. So I decided to do a for fun cover of the song. Its not the full thing but it was the best I could do in the 5 mins I was willing to spend on it.