That's it, I Quit

Hello everyone! Long time no talk. I decided to do a cover today, so here it is!

This is "That's it, I Quit, I'm Movin' On" by Adele
PS. This is sung to a Karaoke track. Sadly, I didn't have time to learn the song.

Stirring Up Deep Wells

After Awakened(my youth group)'s band practice today, my friends Juan and Taylor had their usual jam session while everyone else went to get dinner But I stayed back and joined them. I got a little bit of it on tape. Lets just say I'm obsessed with this song now.

Youth always starts out with a game and today it was to see who could get the most people to sign there feet. This is a picture of my friend Nikki(Left) and I's feet. I won with 21 signatures on my feet. The runner up had 20. Whoever signed the bottom of my are awesome and thanks.

They Underestimate You

Olivia Wilde in Cowboys and Aliens

This picture from Cowboys and Aliens was a little bit of inspiration for a photo shoot. The movie was great, the acting was great, and Olivia Wilde's character was GREAT! It was all very original which was refreshing.

Anyways, check out that hat. Can you say amazing? Yeah putting that on my wish list A.S.A.P.

I'll be trying to get up a real post soon. Pinky promise<3

July Faves

The Civil Wars

Polyvore, and my Hippie fashion creation inspired by listening to The Beatles.

Found this picture on Pinterest. Too cute.

13 Going On 30...a classic watched it last night :)

Nicholas Sparks books. Lets just say I'm obsessed. (My favorite above)

Wish List

Having a career as a musician.
And a photo shoot with that great of results.
(Found this picture online)

This Urban Outfitters Mustache Clock.
...and enough money to actually be able to afford things from Urban Outfitters

Antique room decor(absolutely love the dresser and tree decal)

An all black Great Dane

1964 Volkswagen Beetle Classic

...Yes I know these things aren't exactly things you could get someone for their birthday, but they are all things that sometime in my life I want. So wish me luck on achieving getting these things eventually! Whats on your wish list?


Hey guys!

So I just realized that this is my 100th post! How exciting! Anywho, today after doing chores and working on my summer class I had some fun with my new hair. I have been wanting to fauxhawk it really bad and I figured "hey, why not?".

Make up tutorial here

You can't really tell from this wonderful quality photo(thanks a lot blackberry) but my make up turned out almost exactly like the girl in the tutorial. Minus the crazy green stripe under the eye and white dots. When I walked into my livingroom to show my cousins my new look one of them immediately said "You look like La Roux!". La Roux, if you don't already know, is the singer of the song Bullet Proof. So I decided to do a for fun cover of the song. Its not the full thing but it was the best I could do in the 5 mins I was willing to spend on it.

Hair Reviews.

Hola amigos!

So as you all know in the last month I have cut my hair 4 times(yes four it was cut again today). I started out like this first picture and made my way all the way to the last one.

Well I'm going to do a little hair review.

Hair Number 1: Long
I had this haircut for a really long time. It was starting to get boring and just annoying(hence the reason for cutting it). I could wear it up if it was being bad, straighten it, or scrunch it with some hair gel. But after awhile it all looked the same.

Hair Number 2: Medium
This hair cut was one of my favorites. It was so easy. All I ever had to do was blow dry it real quick and it was done. It looked good with natural wave and it was just perfect.

Hair Number 3: Bob
1 word HORRIBLE. I guess I just hate bobs. This haircut was so hard to handle it had to be blow dryed and straightened everyday and I just don't have time for that!! It flipped out on the ends and would get a couple of wavy pieces around my face. Lets just say I was happy to cut it off.

Hair Number 4: Long Pixie
This haircut was great..But not necessarily my style. It was adorable but a little too classy. I only liked it when it was styled really smoothly. It always looked really soft and I wanted it to look more edgy. It was a good haircut for someone working in an office or as a teacher though, its easy and mature-looking.

Hair Number 5: Pixie
My favorite! Its pretty short it the back and really choppy and wispy on the top and sides. I'm really excited to try styling it in cool ways. Keep an eye out for pictures :)

Catching Up

Hello Everyone!

Forgive me. Since I've returned from the land of lions(to all of my SA friends...that was a joke) I've been extremely busy. Between going back and forth between parents houses, having family get togethers, church, etc. I have been to busy to blog. Anyway, I have to update you all on a couple things. First of all, I officially have a pixie cut. (continue reading to see pictures)

What do you all think? This is most definitely my all-time favorite haircut out of the three. Also my friend Lauren(22 but you'd never know it) came over Wednesday and we did a cover. Its a mixture of a couple videos we made. We had a great time just being silly and acting like little kids. The cover wasn't perfect. It had a lot of parts and was just really difficult. But it was a lot of fun. The song is Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine.

Keep an eye out for more covers by us. She'll be coming over this Wednesday for another round!

Today my cousin, best friend and I had a quick photo shoot. We got a couple really great pictures!


Tana(Best Friend):



One Mans Trash is Another Mans Treasure

Hello everybody!

Saturday my stepmom, sister, and I went thrifting. Thrifting maybe one of my favorite ways to spend my time. There is nothing better than looking through antique shops and finding cool stuff for cheap. We went with a couple things we wanted in mind, like scarves, felt, clips, etc. All of these things were bought to make hair accessories.

The thing about thrifting is it ccould be a hit or miss. You may hit the jackpot and find a million things in one store and nothing in the next. But the great thing about going with people you will have fun with is that you will always have a good laugh.

Our first jiffy store hot dog(it was de-lish)

Our thrifting was a success. In the end between the three of us we had bought 5 pairs of jeans, 12 shirts, 2 vests, 2 pairs of shoes, 3 belts, 17 scarves, 8 fabric pieces(felt, table cloth, etc), a tie, and a dress for $40.

All the stuff..

So Sunday and Monday were spent crafting. With our 17 scarves we have created 4 hair bows, 2 rings, 5 flowers, and 2 pairs of decorative flip flops.

Left side(three bows, white, black and blue flip flop, flower, and ring) were made by me
Right side(three flowers, pink flip flop, hair bow, and ring) were made by Stephanie(my step mom)

All of this girl time has been a lot of fun! I love doing things like this.

Haircut #2

Today I got my second summer haircut, did a cover, and had a 5-min-photoshoot. My haircut took another two inches off of my hair. After this I am going all the way short to a pixie cut. Anyway, my quick photoshoot was a little more "model-y" than I thought it was gonna be but I just kinda went with it.

Shirt:Kohlls(?)//Shorts:Goodwill//Belt: Mom's Closet//Shoes: South Africa

I've been wanting to do this cover for a while. While I was in South Africa this song was super popular and I fell in love with it and Adele.

Natural Beauty

Lately I've been pretty lazy not been wearing make up at all.... I guess in a way I just feel like: its the summer, I want to be able to jump in the pool and not worry about runny make up. Or I want to be able to go outside and not worry about sweating it off. So for the last two weeks I have worn little to no make up all but two times.

Today I stumbled upon a video that made me happy about this recent change. It also made me happy that I almost always wash my face before bed after wearing make up.

Gross right? Anyway I've recently decided that you don't need to look like this to be pretty:

I don't know if its just me but I am perfectly happy looking like plain old me. I've come to find that I don't have to stress over how I look or constantly be worrying about what to wear... Natural beauty is the best kind... So to all girls out there like me... DON'T TRY SO HARD.

Plain old me :)

First day of summer

Since school let out I've either been in Africa or inside. But today was different. Today was the epitome of the word summer. First of all, I slept in. Now it's not the first time I've slept in this summer but usually I am woken up countless times throughout the morning until I'm so irritated that I just wake up. But today I slept (uninterrupted) until 9:15(WOOHOO!) After that I had to clean a little bit(but that only lasted an hour). I spent my afternoon on the lake. First my step-dad and I went out so that we could get the Jet-Ski's ready for our Fourth of July party. Then once I had completely drained the gas on mine we attached the tube to his and he spent the next hour trying to get me off of the tube. (Let the record show that I never "fell" off. The only time I was in the water was when I caught so much air that the tube flipped upside down.)

waiting to go tubing

Anyway, I would have to say this my favorite way to spend my summer. I ended up with sun burnt arms and legs and weird tan lines (thank you life jacket). But I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

Stolen kisses are always the sweetest

Hello everyone!
Apologies for my week long disappearance. I've been at my dads since Thursday and haven't had a chance to blog. But I'm back!

So real quick, let's talk about kisses. Okay you are probably a little confused right now, but my cousin came over today and told me about her plans to make a collage of historical photographed kisses. Being the hopeless romantic that I am I love the idea.

One of the oldest and most well-known kissing pictures ever.(NY Times Square/V-J Day)

Royal Weddings

The newest historical kiss(Vancouver riot)

I absolutely love the last one. The fact that it is proven spontaneous, it's romantic, and its just perfect. I feel like this picture is a piece of art waiting to be hung up on my wall :) I've always loved romantic or sweet pictures but these (possibly because of the historic aspect) are my all-time favorites.

"Stolen kisses are always the sweetest."-Leigh Hunt

Also a quick update: I got a haircut.. The first of many for the summer (I'm planning on ending with a pixie cut).



Sorry for that some what random/scatter brained post. Might post about youth tonight or tomorrow so make sure to check in!

The Wedding

Hey everyone!
So...we did it(and when I say we, I mean it)... The wedding planning, preparation, and process are finished! Everything turned out beautifully and went perfectly. Here is a summary through pictures(which were mainly taken by mumsy).

The Newly Weds.

Another lovely one

One of my favorites

my other favorite

First dance

Bride with sister/Maid-of-honor/me

Groom with sister/brides maid/Nicole

With my grandpa

In the reception. This was the fun table

breaking news!

So I have a couple of MAJORLY important things to tell you all!

Wednesday I got a new guitar! Lately I have been looking for a nice, electric/acoustic. Well this EXTREMELY NICE, electric/acoustic is an Ibanez (if you aren't familiar with brands of guitars Ibanez is incredible) and its blue.

Thursday my family and I went to Sun City and rode the fastest zip line in the world. It was amazing. (that is not a picture of me or anyone in my family. sadly i had issues getting the pictures on the computer so i got this one from google)

Saturday(today) my family went to the spa and I had to most relaxing day of my life. (I probably looked like this.)

Sunday(tomorrow) my sister and her fiance will no longer be my sister and her fiance. They will officially be Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Rodrigues. Wow, how time flies.

Just a heads up: This MAY be my last post here in South Africa. Tomorrow is Ashley's wedding and Monday we will be flying out to go back home. If you don't here from me I will try to post Tuesday or Wednesday so keep an eye out!