Project 365=Fail

Well, I tried! After 35 days I forgot to take a picture for Project 365. After contemplating whether or not I would continue I realized that it destroyed the purpose because I forgot to take a picture Sunday and Tuesday. But I'm trying to find some new fun things to do on here. I've been super busy but hopefully I'll have a cover up this weekend. :)

Anyway so here are a few of my favorite pictures from the Project 365:

Day 10:
Day 17:

Day 19:

Day 22:

Day 27:

Day 32:
Day 33:Hope you guys enjoyed the Project 365 while it lasted :)


Last night I got to live many music-buff's dream.. I got to see one of the most amazing Broadway shows of all time: Wicked. It was the most incredible performance I have ever seen. Wicked is the untold story of what happened before Dorothy arrived in Oz. It's about the secret friendship of The Wicked Witch of the West and The Good Witch.

So in honor of this remarkable show the category of this cover is: Broadway. Enjoy! :)

Quirky [kwur-kee]: Peculiar, Bizzare, Unusual

Everybody has that one weird thing about them, their "little beauty quirk"(click here to read the original article that I got the idea from). Everybody has something that makes them a little different a little, quirky. Although my "little beauty quirk" is not very noticeable, but It makes me, me! So here it is :

Now you may not see anything buut there are two odd things here. Right above my eyebrow there is a little dent. It's a chicken pox scar. The other is my pupil; it's huge. My pupils are abnormally sized. I never have to get my eyes dilated..

Anywho, tonight I went to youth and I played in the Youth Band(hopefully I'll have a video up soon), and got my bangs cut tonight. Also, I wont have a cover up (most likely) until this weekend. If I can I'll get it up tomorrow.

So uh, wanna see my bangs? Here they are:

Cover Week 7

Yesterday I started studying drama in language. The point of it is to learn how to read and understand Shakespearean plays. Obviously the play we have to read is Romeo and Juliet. Yayy! I have already read the first half of this play(by choice), so I was excited that I finally get to finish it. Anyway I read something in Act 2, Scene 6 that really stuck out to me:

"Conceit, more rich in matter than in words,

Brags of his substance, not of ornament.

They are but beggars that can count their worth.

But my true love is grown to such excess

I cannot sum up sum of half my wealth."


What she is saying is that someone who can count their wealth is poor, but I have so much love that I can not sum up how much of it I have. That just made me melt..

On another note, today was just a pretty day that I decided to do a mini photo shoot.

I got these rain boots Saturday and I absolutely love them, so I decided since the weather was beautiful I decided I wanted to take a few pictures :)

Lastly, I did a cover! Week 7: Favorite Artist: The Band Perry

Hope you guys like it!!

Florida Girl :)

Today, when I realized that it was the 1st of March my first thought was "It's almost summer..well sorta!" It's not even technically Spring yet.. But it seems like myself and my family are already taking beach trips, having big family get togethers, and jet-ski/boat riding days.. I find myself getting excited for not only Summer break but for the 90 degree me crazy, but I'm such a Florida girl.. I just love it :)

Anywho, Friday I will be going to the springs with a group of friends and it seems to be coming so slowly.. Summer is coming soon, well for us Floridians, and I am so excited! (: