Taylor Swift's 3rd CD has officially been released as of Monday (: Yay! It is most definitely on my birthday wish list this year.. Well everybody knows that the latest Taylor Swift song "Dear John," is about John Mayer. Honestly, I think it's brave that she puts names in her songs. Let's everybody know what jerks they are ;) W

Well, turns out the rest of her CD is about different guys that she has been with the last two years. In the lyric booklet thingy( :P ) there are "random" letters capitalized. Turns out. They aren't so random.. The majority of the codes give away who or what the song is about but some leave you questioning. Here are a few that were posted on Yahoo!

The Story of Us: CMT AWARDS
Yahoo said that after interviewing her they thought the song was about Lautner. Turns out it's also about Mayer! Woahh. John Mayer showed up and did a performance with Keith Urban, most likely after they broke up..yikes.

Well we all know about this one already :P

Every loyal Taylor Swift fan, like myself ;), should know the song Forever and Always is about her relationship with Joe Jonas. This song, which is VERY different from Forever and Always, sounds sort of regretful. Like she let him slip out of her fingers and it was a big mistake.

Enchanted: ADAM
Well that was discrete.. Turns out Taylor Swift had a "crush" on Adam Young, singer of Owl City.

Well thats the only not so obvious one that I saw I guess. Leaves us questioning..

Well.. Thats 5 examples.. I thought that was pretty clever..so I had to say SOMETHING :)

The Latest Gossip

I figure once a week I'll try to post "The Latest Gossip". I'll find some music/musician related gossip and talk about it :)

Okay has anyone else seen this "Whip My Hair" music video with Willow Smith? She is freaking 9 years old!! Does she even know what she is saying?? I DOUBT IT. Uh, what is up with this? This girl is way to youngg. In my opinion, this is what happened to Miley Cyrus..Started to young..

Anyone heard of the new short show "Ready Set Dance"? It's hilarious!! Adrienne Bailon, the host, calls to people who entered to be at the show and they have to dance (wherever they are) for a minute.. And at the end they choose a winner! All I have to say is it is the funniest thing I've ever seen.

Justin Bieber movie?? Is that really necessary? Absolutely not. I loved Justin Bieber. Than after an immature prank that he played on POLICE (and got into NO trouble for it), I lost all respect. My step-dad calls him a punk..I agree (:

October 23, Katy Perry and Russel Brand get MARRIED. I wonder how long this marraige will last...They just don't seem like the typical couple...My sister was telling that they met at an award show when she threw a water bottle at him, and that he said "I knew then, that I wanted to marry her." How cute..and strange.

Taylor Swift's new song, "Dear John," IS ABOUT JOHN MAYER?!?! Hol-y-cow... All I'm saying is that he is an idiot. Honestly, why would he date her(a 19 year old girl at the time) and break her heart? Talk about low... Yahoo covered this a few days ago, and it said "Listening to "Dear John," the scorching song that is-from all appearances-aimed at Mayer, all we can say is: Joe Jonas, you got off easy." AHA. Love it..

Anywayy. That's all for today (:


Song Reviews(:

So I'm tired of working on figuring out this PAGES problem..So I'm taking a break and actually posting something...

I figured I would "review" the top 10 songs right now.. I'll just tell you what I think, things I like and dislike about them..Just kinda ranting...Enjoy, or not...whatever :P

1. Just the Way You Are
Love, love, looove. Who doesn't?? The lyrics are adorable. Any girl would love to have the guy of her dreams sing her/or compare her to this song(: I guess I am just super cheesy/sappy :P

2. Like A G6
BLEH! *throws up* Hate it. Stupid, repetitive, annoying. Enough said. I was listening to 106.7 yesterday, and Ryan Seacrest said, "The first time I heard this song, I thought they were saying CHEESE STICKS!" I couldn't help but burst out laughing.

3. Just a Dream
Mmm, it's sad. I haven't heard it much. Its pretty new. But I do like it :)

4. Teenage Dream
Love it!!! Buuut it is WAY over played. So I am already tired of it...I covered it, with a few changes of lyrics. But I do really like it. This weekend I helped paint our new house. After listening to the radio the WHOLE time, I was pretty sick of hearing the same songs over and over. When this song came on for the 3rd time in under 4 hours I just shut it off...

5. Dj's Got Us Falling In Love
I really like it, but it's not a song I haven't really become obsessed with...Favorite line, aswell as everyone elses..."Imma hustla baby," baha. yup.

6. Only Girl(In the World)
Eh, it's ok. Not a huge fan. Liked it in the beginning...theeen I started hating it..Not sure why.

7. Dynamite
My sister and I did an acapella cover of this song.. It turned out really cool, but I don't really like it anymore. I guess it's just another case of over playing...

8. Mine
I love this song, it's so sweet and relatable.. I grew up with fighting parents, I honestly know exactly the feeling that she describes in this song (: Even though my parents divorced when I was little...I know it was all in God's hands...and it all worked out for the best(: Now I have two amazing step parents and 3 awesome step-siblings..(:

9. Club Can't Handle Me
I didn't really care much for this song to begin with, but my best friend and her brother showed me a cover by Tyler Ward <3, and I loved it. So the more I listened to the song the more I liked it...(:

10. Love the Way You Lie
This was my favorite song. But now I'm tired of it. But it's still a good song. The rap is clever, the lyrics are touching...(:

That's pretty much my opinion....Sorry if I bored you. :P