Covers Week 5 and 6

Hey Everybody!! So I finished my covers from this week and last week. The first one is three videos put together so if it sounds a little choppy I apologize!

Week 5: Christian

Week 6: Favorite Song

P.S. Start looking for covers on Wednesdays instead of Mondays!

Forgive Me!

Talk about a busy week! Today I took exams for the end of the quarter so this last week has been full of studying, chores, and extra-curricular activities such as: Horseback riding, Youth Band (Will blog about that soon), etc.

On another note, I DIDN'T DO A COVER. Forgive me! Actually, I did do a cover...I just didn't get to upload it. But I'm hoping to get one up this weekend. I have A LONG to-do list and I am trying!

To-Do List:

  • COVER: Category: either Christian or Top-10
  • Get ready to redo blog
  • Post about my experiences in my church youth band
  • Post about co-op
Keep an eye out for a cover guys!

Foggy Photography

The last couple days have been beautiful. But today I woke up and what do I see when I look out the window? Fog.. I like sunny weather. One good thing comes out of foggy weather. Pretty pictures.

Some were prettier in color:

Hope you guys like them :)

Why Are You Dressed All Fancy?

Why are you dressed all fancy? Oh how I loathe that question. Whenever I leave the house, considering I'm homeschooled, I "dress up". I like to show my style.. Recently, I decided that no matter how often I got asked that question I wouldn't stop dressing however I want.

So tonight before youth I raided my moms closet.. and this is what I ended up wearing :)

I was trying to go for a classy vintage look but it ended up more vintage/buisness. Oh well, it was still cute.

What do you guys think?

An Old Cover (:

So obviously I didn't do a cover this week. But I found an older cover my best friend and I did 5 months worries this doesn't count as week 5 just figured I would get this on here! I also I found some cute love songs today:

Drops of Jupiter-Train

Heart Skips a Beat-Lenka

I Do-Colbie Cailat

Just One Of Those Days....

Well first of all... Happy Valentines Day :) Today started off good, then wasn't so great, then ended up good.. Sadly the thing that caused the not so great part... Was my cover. I worked uber hard on it and in the end didn't really like it..actually I hated it. Oh well, I'll try again tomorrow. After that I was in a bad mood. But when I got home I got a call from my dad that cheered me up :)

Anyway, my step dad came home from work with 3 bouquets of flowers and little treats for each of us.

And my mom got us cards and sweets.

Hope you guys had a good Valentines! :)

Project 365: Day 1

I decided I am going to start Project 365. The point of it is that you take a picture every day for a year. I may not be able to post a picture every day, but I will make sure I take one and post it as soon as possible. By February 12, 2011 I will have taken 365 pictures. I will be posting them here on my Project 365 page and on the Music Speaks page on Facebook (go like it!)

Day 1: Today's picture is of me Skyping my best friend Tana :)

Last night while doing my daily rounds of checking my fave glam websites.. I came across an article on called "A New Way to Wear Stripes". This insanely awesome outfit was taken during NY Fashion Week.. I will definitely be trying to rip-off this outfit soon :)

Photo Albums :)

This afternoon was spent being very lazy(I'm sick I have an excuse). Anyway, tonight I wanted to do something interesting. I decided to look through all of our old photo albums:

I found some very interesting things, such as family vacations, beach trips, and the weddings of my aunts and parents. But lets not go there :P

But I did find some pictures I just had to share (:

Here are a few of me when I was little..

And here is a cool picture I found of my grandpa.. Not sure when this was taken but I loved it.

I had a really good time going through these pictures :)

What do you guys think?

All On My Own

Today, was one of those days where you feel like you accomplished nothing. I did a little bit of school to start off the day, picked my room and bathroom, and watched Lost. After watching an episode I wanted to do Lately I've been going for a vintage look. So I decided to practice without my sister's help.

Now imagine red lips. Well you could wear it either way. Nude lips work for a casual look.

What do you guys think? Do you like the red lips or nude?

Fun Weekend, Good Monday, and Cover Week 4

This weekend was spent at my dads house. I always have a blast with my three step-siblings. Friday night started off with Carrington(my 10 year old baby sister), telling me about a dance she made with two other kids from school.

Here is a little clip of it:

After that we decided we would camp out outside with my brothers and their friend.

Sleeping Quarters

Carrington and I playing cards in our tent). Carrington looking like a creeper.

The fire that didn't really keep us warm.. But it looked cool! :P

Monday: Today I woke up and my sister and I did makeovers...sorta. Well, she made me over. I now look all vintage-y. See?

We also went dress shopping for prom with Amber (my beautiful cousin who asked me to be her date ;) )buut I can't post a picture because that would just ruin the surprise (:

Last but not least, I did a cover. This week's category is: (drum roll please)

80's!!!!!!! WOOHOO.

Because I am the most indecisive human being on the planet. I am doing TWO covers. (:

American Idol Favorites

Today after finishing school and chores I spent the last half of my day:

watching Lost, painting my nails, and snacking on just about everything(these are cookies).


To complete my wonderful day my family and I gathered around to watch one of our "family shows". I decided that I would blog about my favorites so far.. So these, in my opinion, are the best auditions so far.

So far these are my two favorites.. When Hollywood week starts I'll keep you all posted on new favorites!

I Broke My Pinky Promise!

Sadly, yesterday was another busy day. So I broke my promise to have a cover up by last night.. But I tried! Really hard! I was up recording until 11 o'clock but I was having technical difficulties making the video so I had to wait until this morning to finish it.

Anyways, this week the category is guilty pleasure.. A few years ago I was obsessed with Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Hannah Montana, etc. In all honestly, I still like the music. Hence the name "guilty" pleasure. Today I covered Everytime You Lie by Demi Lovato... Enjoy (: