A (Not So) Typical Weekend

This weekend my wonderful family, my four cousins, came over. Saturday started off with breakfast at Cracker Barrel. We all got rather large meals..

Then we went to see The Green Hornet in 3D, which was AMAZING.

Goofing off with a few of
my cousins (:

And around 4 o'clock left to go to the Monster Jam. My whole family got tickets for Christmas and it was so much fun. When we got there we had a "tail-gaiting" party. The boys through the football and us girls sat around and talked. Then around 6 we went to the stadium to get our seats. We waited for another hour and the madness began. The monster trucks we racing and did freestyle jumps and what not, there were also other fun things like Demolition Derby (real life bumper cars), etc.

Tail-gating and Demolition Derby

Monster Jam (:

Over all yesterday was fantastic.. Having my family over is always super fun..

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