Stolen kisses are always the sweetest

Hello everyone!
Apologies for my week long disappearance. I've been at my dads since Thursday and haven't had a chance to blog. But I'm back!

So real quick, let's talk about kisses. Okay you are probably a little confused right now, but my cousin came over today and told me about her plans to make a collage of historical photographed kisses. Being the hopeless romantic that I am I love the idea.

One of the oldest and most well-known kissing pictures ever.(NY Times Square/V-J Day)

Royal Weddings

The newest historical kiss(Vancouver riot)

I absolutely love the last one. The fact that it is proven spontaneous, it's romantic, and its just perfect. I feel like this picture is a piece of art waiting to be hung up on my wall :) I've always loved romantic or sweet pictures but these (possibly because of the historic aspect) are my all-time favorites.

"Stolen kisses are always the sweetest."-Leigh Hunt

Also a quick update: I got a haircut.. The first of many for the summer (I'm planning on ending with a pixie cut).



Sorry for that some what random/scatter brained post. Might post about youth tonight or tomorrow so make sure to check in!

The Wedding

Hey everyone!
So...we did it(and when I say we, I mean it)... The wedding planning, preparation, and process are finished! Everything turned out beautifully and went perfectly. Here is a summary through pictures(which were mainly taken by mumsy).

The Newly Weds.

Another lovely one

One of my favorites

my other favorite

First dance

Bride with sister/Maid-of-honor/me

Groom with sister/brides maid/Nicole

With my grandpa

In the reception. This was the fun table

breaking news!

So I have a couple of MAJORLY important things to tell you all!

Wednesday I got a new guitar! Lately I have been looking for a nice, electric/acoustic. Well this EXTREMELY NICE, electric/acoustic is an Ibanez (if you aren't familiar with brands of guitars Ibanez is incredible) and its blue.

Thursday my family and I went to Sun City and rode the fastest zip line in the world. It was amazing. (that is not a picture of me or anyone in my family. sadly i had issues getting the pictures on the computer so i got this one from google)

Saturday(today) my family went to the spa and I had to most relaxing day of my life. (I probably looked like this.)

Sunday(tomorrow) my sister and her fiance will no longer be my sister and her fiance. They will officially be Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Rodrigues. Wow, how time flies.

Just a heads up: This MAY be my last post here in South Africa. Tomorrow is Ashley's wedding and Monday we will be flying out to go back home. If you don't here from me I will try to post Tuesday or Wednesday so keep an eye out!

Thank God For...

Today I want to thank God for:

Once in a lifetime opportunities

Cappuccinos...I'm not even kidding

Those "Awh" moments :)

Family times

Sights that are so beautiful that a camera just can't capture it.

African Adventures

That day we had Ashley's bridal shower which was lots of fun :)

The bride-to-be with her gifts

The girls just chatting :)

We visited the Lion and Rhino Park for the second time. I could post a million pictures up of this.

Lion and Rhino Park

5 month old lions

Playing with 2 month old tiger cub. He was grumpy and was flailing around.. hence my facial expression.

Today we went on a tour and learned about elephants.. We got to feed, pet, get kisses from, and ride some of the most amazing creatures on the planet.

Getting a kiss.

Riding the elephants :)

Getting ready to go in the hamster ball(I love my grandpa)

Having fun with grandpa

Visiting the Hartbeespoort Dam. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Just A Quick Update :)

Hello everybody!
Because I am feeling lazy (and its 11 PM here) I am posting a quick update, a couple pictures, then I am heading to bed. Today we went to the University Miguel plays soccer at and had a cappuccino at the on campus restaurant while he went to physical therapy for his hurt leg. Then we went shopping in a little plaza area and I got four very cute things :) After returning home I completed my new favorite book, The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks. Then we headed to the airport to pick up my step-dad, Grandpa, and grandpa's fiance. When I got home I got to video chat with my dad, step-mom, and siblings(who I miss so much). Today was a really nice, fairly chill day and I really enjoyed it.

Cute cargo pants(which were on my list of articles of clothing I wanted...CHECK)

Baggy sweater(really cute on)

Can you tell I like hunter green?

Lastly I got these glasses(which according to Miguel's sister look like bug eyes). I don't care though...I love em ;)

Make sure to check my blog tomorrow night! Should be a pretty interesting post! :)

Kept Accountable

Hello everyone!
So my sister and I recently decided that everyday that we are home ALL day that we are going to eat mainly fruits and veggies(with the exception of quinoa and yogurt). So to keep myself accountable I have decided to blog about it. (beware this is a little bit of a rip-off of my sisters many food posts)


Banana, Apple(with cinnamon and brown sugar), Strawberry yogurt

After that my mom, sister, and I went on a walk (:


Salad with carrots and french dressing, quinoa with carrots and chicken broth

I had a bowl of healthy sloppy joe meat(because I was starving and mumsy suggested eating protein)

Also throughout the day (every time I got a random urge to eat something sweet) I ate a bite of this. It may sound dumb but hey it worked!


Fish soup(Yumm)

I also ate a salad just like lunch with my dinner :)

So I'd say I did pretty good! Now I just need to continue this for the next two weeks!

if i were a runway model...

I'd dress like this:

I'd wear my hair like this:

I'd wear my make up like this:

If I could I’d look like this all the time, but living in the small town that I live in I can only imagine the strange looks I would get walking into the store, church, or any of the other places I go… I guess I don’t really care but for now I’ll just wear toned down versions of this.

One day when I live in a big city, owning my bakery/coffee shop, I’ll dress however I want and wear however much makeup I want…

“My interest lies in my self-expression - what's inside of me - not what I'm in.”

“Find what makes your heart sing and create your own music.”